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Fight Booking Sites - Flight Booking - Cheap Flight Tickets

  Backham Badhon       Wednesday, April 4, 2018

( is abroad, the people are now choosing the aircraft to move faster in the country nowadays It takes less than an hour to move from head to head, and therefore, those who have the capacity or need special urges, they are choosing to fly air travel. Biman tickets are cheap day by day.

Everyone knows the plane ticket is expensive compared to the routes of the land route, whether it is made in the country or abroad. Let us know some tips through which you can save some money.

1. Buy Online: We are often buying tickets through travel agents, and this travel agent has kept some money for a long time to get business. Better and cheaper options can be bought from online booking sites. They also sell for profit, but they are often sold at comparatively lower prices to attract more buyers and to attract more buyers. So buying from online sites, you can get some cheap prices. Try from the site of,, etc.

2. Online Booking Site Compaired: There are some sites that will find the cheapest flight for your destination by searching a few booking sites. They search real time in many online booking sites and find you the cheapest flight. is such a site. This website also has a smartphone app, so if you decrease the price of a flight, you will know if you turn on the alert option for that.

3. Contact directly with the Biman Authority: Many times it is available at a lower cost by contacting the concerned airline authority directly and buying a ticket from them. But for that you have to look for many airline company websites and may have to send them to e-mails.

4. Online Incognito Search: Maybe you have noticed, you may have searched your destination yesterday on a booking site, to find out again today that the price has risen quite a bit. It is true, the price increases even if the sales increase many times, but what has happened in your case is that, because of repeated searches, they are increasing your appreciation by understanding your interest. This is done in a system called cookie. When you first searched for the web browser's cookie file, the information is kept, the next time you search, matching the previous day, you realize that you are more interested in the flight of the day, and so they will increase the price. What you do in this case is to launch your browser's Incognito or Private Browsing mode and search every time from there. When you buy online, you will get less.

5. Using Proxy: When searching for a lot of time online, they keep your cookies as well as keep your IP addresses logged in and later they show more value when searching from the same IP. For this, you can hide your location and IP using incognito or private mode as well as some proxy service or VPN.

6. Buy a few weeks ago: If you are sure of the date of your trip, then you can buy a flight ticket for a month, then you will get very cheap. At such times only tickets are sold at the primary price, and after the start of the seat or the time of the flight begins to come forward, the price increases.

7. Try at the very last moment !: There are also times when a special flight of a company could not be filled by many attempts, many seats were stunned. During this time they announced a great amount of discount announcement and tried to sell those seats. If you are subscribed to the Promotional Offer Newsletter on the booking sites, you will be able to know immediately when this happens.

8. Tickets for the middle of the week: Venus, Saturn, Robi, these three days fall almost every weekend in the world. And in these days, people go around the country and the crowd is more in the airlines. On the other hand, due to crowds on the working days, airline companies sell tickets on discounts to increase ticket sales and fill the seats. On Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, there are more likely to get tickets for cheap.

Credit card is a big obstacle for buying tickets online. All of us do not have international credit cards, and so many times you have to be compelled to know how to buy a ticket through domestic travel agencies at a higher price. But the time has changed, along with the credit card as well as all the new benefits.

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