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Passport Processing Bangladesh

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Passport Processing Bangladesh

To make matters easier for those who are going to make machine-readable passports online, this post will help. You can also easily get it. Because passport (Passport) is a very easy one to know if there is a little. All you have to do is pass the passport, and you will have to go for only three days. And if you know the chunk, then there is no word.
First Step: Deposit to the Bank.
Passport (Passport) application fees will be deposited in Sonali Bank and some government-run banks. Regular fee Rs 3000 / -, (for getting a passport within 1 month) and an emergency fee of 6000 / - (for getting a passport within 15 days). 15% VAT per case.
First of all, it is necessary to submit the money because it is necessary to register the date of deposit and the number of deposit receipt for the submission of the form online. So if the money is already deposited, the form will be filled once.

The second step - fill the form online
To complete the online form go to the Passport office site - Check out the instructions carefully, account carefully. Be careful about your name and personal information (eg name spellings, parental name), just like educational certificates. Specify the deposit date and receipt number of the money.
Finally, when you want to take a biometric test for photographing and hand printing, conveniently select the day and submit it. Meaning you can go to your desired time! It's not funny at all!
After re-checking, submit it to the end. Once the submission is complete, a PDF copy of the completed form will be sent to your mail. This is the end here.

The third step
- Before submitting the print and confirmation form of the form, fill in the copy of the copy of the copy of the pdf copy of the form you have received. Take the places that you need to fill in. Give your sign. Please certify your first copy of two copies, National Identity Card and passport form, from any first-class officer, chairman, MP, MP. Consciousness is required to be known by someone who has to write the name, contact and phone number of that officer. After confirming reached the whole form.

The fourth step
- Take photographs and others go to the passport office in the morning on your chosen day. Of course, do not wear a white dress, try to wear a formal dress.
And those who are going with government officials or children, they need some separate paper. See the instructions for that.
 First, check your form and sign it. At the end of the sign, you will be told to go to the room to take pictures. Serial actually takes photos, print fingerprint. That's right, the job is over!
This will give you a receipt from the Passport Receipt. Take care of that. Subject to police verification, you will receive a passport within one month or 15 days of receipt.

Fifth step
- Police Verification and Passport Receive Date (with tips)
Police verification was a problem for me. If your permanent and current address is different, then your verification is done in both places. Police SB (Special Branch) does this work.

When the verification ends, the SMS will come to your mobile. On the day you receive the SMS, you will be able to collect the passport.
Well, this time it's time to take the passport hand.
Sixth Step - Port port Collection
The job here is easy. Go to the passport office. Stand in line.
Keep the receipt and pen along. The gate will open at 9. Enter the line. Submit receipt. wait.
Now call your name. Sign your passport.

Attachment -
There is no separate account number in the slip for depositing the money in the bank. There is a new slip for a new passport or renewal.

GO: Government order
NOC: No Objection Certificate
PDS: Proof of retired Date

Government, semi-educator, autonomous and state-owned standing staff/staff, retired government servants will fill this house. According to the order, the government officials' passport blue color. There is no problem of police verification.

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