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Travel-Unsecured Bank Loans To Go Abroad

  Backham Badhon       Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Travel-Unsecured Bank Loans To Go Abroad

Many people of Bangladesh are employed in different countries of the world. Especially the lower-class people who sell their things, including homesteads, cows, and cattle, earn money to go abroad. Those who do not have enough land, they spend a lot of money on foreign currency and counting on interest to earn interest. Expatriate welfare bank has come forward to free the foreigners from this problem. In this case, the probate Kalyan Bank is giving government loan without collateral for the foreign investors to get the opportunity to do so, even if not very economical. Anyone who wants to go to any country can borrow from this bank.

How Credit is Available:

The main condition for getting the loan from the Pravasi Kalyan Bank is to ensure the visa to a foreign country. After receiving the visa, the applicant has to apply for a loan with the managing director of the prawwasikalyan bank. At this time you will be required to submit written a statement of self-interest, a written copy of two copies of applicant's guarantors, attested photocopy of voter ID card and attested photocopies of the Municipality or Union Parish Certificate along with current and permanent addresses. In addition, the nomination of the non-judicial stamp of 150 rupees is to be made on the basis of which the applicant will be sent to this bank through all the nominated representatives. No kind of security is required here. Only two capable individuals are to be seen as sponsors. And after the loan has been deposited for two months from abroad. This loan can be repaid in two to three years. The rate of interest on this loan is also lower - 9% Loan money is available within two days after the application is here. Many times the loan was given within three hours. It depends on the verification of whether customer needs and visas are correct. At the time of repayment, the government has to pay 40 thousand to one lakh rupees depending on the cost and demand of the government.

Visa Requirements:

The visa that you are traveling to, whether it is correct, is verified by the bank. To get the loan, visas are required to display papers. These include visa or labor contract issued from the embassy, physical eligibility certificate, smart card from BMET, manpower clearance card, training and experience certificate, airline ticket, passport etc.


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