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Remakri Place in Thanchi Upazila

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Thanchi Upazila headquarters is 8km from Bandarban city. It will take 3 hours to go from Bandarban to Thanchi in the reserve moon car, rent 4 thousand takas. From Thanchi to Remakri Boat, the rent, from four thousand to five thousand takas. It will take two and a half hours to go from Thanchi to Dwarka in the engine boat. Three-and-a-half hours to go to Remakri from the third. This five-hour naval route will keep you pushing the uppers upwards. During the winter there is not enough depth in the river like the engine boat. Then the boat is the only boat in the boat. In the monsoon season, the engine boat will be rented for 4 to 5 thousand takas for three days. And in the winter season, rent-boat fare will be Tk 1000 for every day.

Going on the way, read about three times, and see here-

Thanchi Union, an administrative area of Thanchi upazila of Bandarban district of Bangladesh. Due to natural attraction, the region is an attractive tourist destination for adventure-seekers. The area of Tandu union is 1,162,640 acres (455.84 sq km).

The river Sangu is flowing in the bank of this upazila. Thanchi union to the north of Tandu union, Remakri union (Remakri) on the south, China (Myanmar) border in the east.

According to the 1991 census of Bangladesh, the population of Hindu union was 2048. The literacy rate is 4.6%.
The abode of the three matriarchal Marma and Murongs. Then the census was not there in this area.

The main crops include rice, sesame, turmeric, ginger, and vegetables. Main fruits jackfruit, banana There is a market and a Buddhist temple in the third house.

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